Excellence at All Levels

Virginia’s nationally acclaimed education system – from its primary schools to its distinguished universities and community colleges providing continued learning excellence – ensures businesses have a steady stream of knowledgeable new entrants to help meet the corporate community’s need for highly trained workers.

Strong K-12 Education

Ranked among the best in the nation, Virginia’s elementary, middle and high schools offer diverse learning experiences and the fundamentals students can build upon to ultimately succeed in a competitive market. Virginia’s high schools graduated over 95,000 students in 2016 with approximately 65 percent continuing to pursue a two- or four-year degree or other advanced education program. Career and Technical Education (CTE) serves more than 550,000 secondary students each year in courses offered in high schools, middle schools or at one of the 58 local and regional technical centers.

Collaborative University & College Partnerships

To ensure businesses have continuous access to a top-caliber technical workforce, Virginia collaborates with many of its nationally-acclaimed universities that offer diverse and complementary disciplines relevant to the business activities of corporations, including: the University of Virginia (UVA); Virginia Tech (VT); George Mason University (GMU); James Madison University (JMU); Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU); Old Dominion University (ODU); and others.


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