Partnership Overview

Simplifying Decisions for Virginia and Facilitating International Trade

In 1995, the Virginia General Assembly created the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) to better serve those seeking a prime business location and increased trade opportunities and, therefore, to foster increased expansion of the Commonwealth's economy. As a state authority, the Partnership is governed by a 17 member Board Of Directors comprised of businesspersons from around Virginia, each of whom is appointed by the Governor and the General Assembly. Our President & Chief Executive Officer is employed by the Board to oversee the fulfillment of our mission:

"To enhance the quality of life and raise the standard of living for all Virginians, in collaboration with Virginia communities, through aggressive business recruitment, expansion assistance, and trade development, thereby expanding the tax base and creating higher-income employment opportunities."

To fulfill this mission, we focus on cultivating new business investment, fostering international trade growth and encouraging the expansion of existing Virginia businesses.

Please click here to download a PDF copy of the Partnership's Organizational Chart.

Please click here to download a PDF copy of the Partnership's by-laws.

Our Experts are Yours

The men and women of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership understand the complicated demands of the site selection process and offer years of experience to help make your decision process simpler. And for those businesses located in Virginia, the Partnership provides expansion assistance as well as expert, cost-effective export assistance to open a world of trade opportunities.

Our managers provide a variety of concierge-style services to help guide you through the process, from site selection to announcement to a long-term relationship as a member of Virginia’s dynamic corporate community.

The Partnership consists of several departments whose combined expertise confidentially provides the resources you need to make the most informed location decision with the least amount of your time and effort.

Business Investment

If your business is considering a Virginia location, a Business Investment manager can help facilitate your expansion to the Commonwealth. These managers specialize in helping businesses explore the diverse offerings of Virginia to pinpoint the perfect location for growth or relocation.

After an initial conversation to better understand your needs, your manager will prepare a summary of the most current market, economic and demographic information. They will also supply individually tailored research of suitable land and buildings, labor availability, local suppliers and other needs. They can then coordinate your site visits, and work with local utility companies and other business development partners to ensure your requirements will be met there, too. If necessary, they will coordinate with other government agencies, helping you with such matters as meeting environmental regulations, understanding tax guidelines or designing workforce training programs. Your manager can also help your business apply for financial incentives for which you may eligible.

If your business already has an operation in Virginia, our managers will guide you through the growth process. Team members bring years of experience in a variety of business sectors, along with extensive knowledge and network of resources available to support your growth.

By understanding your strategic business goals, the Business Investment professionals will customize and facilitate state and local support for your expansion. To ensure efficiency these managers maintain exceptional working relationships with, and provide access to, local programs, partners and resources that can help your business expand and grow with ease. The Business Investment team will collaborate to create the best location package and ongoing support for your business’ long-term success in Virginia.

International Trade

The mission of VEDP’s International Trade team is to increase the number of Virginia companies selling overseas and their volume of international business, year after year. The International Trade team assists both new and experienced exporters to enter new international markets.

Services include identifying potential new markets, developing market entry strategies and locating possible distributors and representatives for products or services — all at little to no cost.

Recognized as one of the most innovative state programs in the nation, the International Trade group offers a variety of programs and services to assist Virginia companies. Virginia businesses interested in increasing international sales can benefit from VEDP’s export development programs, publications, resources and market research.


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